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Puppet Theatre Maribor, Great Hall, June 24, at 6 p.m.


a dance performance

Choreography and Dance: Lada Petrovski Ternovšek

Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač

Set, Costume and Light Design: Petra Veber

Sound Design: Jure Vlahovič

Song: Balkan Beat Box – Cha Cha

Technical assistance : Aljaž Zaletel

Producer: Katja Somrak

Production: Plesni Teater Ljubljana – Debut PTL 2015

Partner: Mediterranean dance centre (San Vincenti, Croatia)

Thanks to: Magdalena Reiter

Photo: Sunčan Patrick Stone



Duration: 40 min


Nótt is s set of personal stories, originating from the same emotion, what they have in common is a feeling of a summer night. Nótt is an impression, a song, a smell, Nordic goddess, a nocturne. Movement arises from a moment of silence, from physical memory, drawing an image in the space. A moment that has just passed reappears. Over and over again. Memory is storing images, body is storing emotions. Nothing that is produced by body can be determined anymore – everything needs to be found, invented anew; to recognize a smell of the movement, a breath of light, a temperature of sound. Impossible images merge on the paths that are promptly blurred, while imprints remain toned inside of the body like a memory: between pulsation and extension.

My neck hurts, I squeeze my forehead, I feel dry air in my throat …

Lada Petrovski Ternovšek

Lada Petrovski Ternovšek was born in Croatia (Zadar) 1985. She started dance education as a child. 2008 she graduated at dance academy Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). Member of Zadarski plesni ansambl. From 2009 -2011 member of Slovene dance company En-knap Group. Today she is living and working  in Ljubljana as a freelance artist. During her schooling, she collaborated with well-known choreographers Salva Sanchis, Zuna Kozankova, Anna Macrae, Begum Erciyas, Matej Kejžar, Libby Farr, Ted Stoffer…

After her schooling till today she collaborated with choreographers and theatre directors: Mala Kline, Tomi Janežič, Bojan Jablanovec, Claudia de Serpa Soares, Iztok Kovač, Petra Hrašćanec, Laszlo Hudi, Dalija Aćin, Ivica Buljan, Jordi Casanovas, Magdalena Reiter…